The Long Wait for Killzone Continues, but a T-Shirt Brings Nostalgia

The Long Wait for Killzone Continues, but a T-Shirt Brings Nostalgia

Ever heard of Killzone? It’s been a while since the last game, more than a decade! But guess what? Sony just dropped a cool reminder for us in The Last of Us 2 Remastered. Let’s dive into the world of Killzone and the excitement it’s stirring up.

The Blast from the Past: Killzone Series

So, Killzone was this epic sci-fi shooter series by Guerrilla that took the gaming world by storm. The last game, hit us back in 2013, right at the launch of PlayStation 4. It was like Sony’s answer to Halo, the legendary Xbox game.

But here’s the twist – no new these games have shown up since then. In fact, Sony even turned off the servers in 2022. That’s like shutting the door on a fantastic gaming era.

A Tribute in the Remastered Version of The Last of Us 2

Years later, in 2024, we obtain a remastered version of The Last of Us 2. Now, this game isn’t about Killzone, but it gives a nod to some sleeping PlayStation giants like Resistance, The Getaway, Twisted Metal, WipEout, and of course, our beloved Killzone. And guess what catches everyone’s attention? An in-game T-shirt screaming, “Hey, remember Killzone?”

Fans are going wild about this little throwback. The Last of Us 2 Remastered, by just mentioning these game, has set the gaming community abuzz.

A Decade of Silence: Killzone’s Fate

Now, it’s been a whole ten years since Killzone Shadow Fall, and Sony has been tight-lipped about any new additions to the these game family. Instead, Guerrilla, the masterminds behind, shifted gears and gave us the breathtaking Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017, selling over 20 million copies worldwide.

Horizon took the spotlight, and Sony seems to be loving it. They even have a VR game called Horizon Call of the Mountain and plans for a multiplayer Horizon game. Oh, and there’s more – a Horizon 2074 TV series is on the horizon (pun intended), ready to spin Aloy’s story in a whole new HOLYSLOTS88 way.

So, where does this leave Killzone? Well, according to Jan Bart van Beek, the studio director at Guerrilla, Horizon is here to stay. Like, for a looong time. There’s talk about Aloy and her gang going beyond a Forbidden West sequel. It’s like they’ve built a whole Horizon universe, and might need a space shuttle to catch up.

Fans Longing for a Comeback

Now, gamers on Reddit are expressing their wishes for a Killzone comeback. One fan posted, “Sons and daughters of Helghan let us hope for a comeback soon.” It’s clear, the nostalgia is real, and we’re all secretly hoping that someday we’ll hear the iconic soundtrack and dive back into the intense battles.

So, for now, we’ll cherish that Killzone T-shirt in The Last of Us 2 Remastered, reminding us of the good old days and keeping the flame of hope alive. Who knows, the gaming gods might just hear our wishes, and Killzone might rise from the ashes!