Crushing It with Balmond: Winning Team Strategies in Mobile Legends

Crushing It with Balmond: Winning Team Strategies in Mobile Legends

We’re going to delve into the world of Mobile Legends today, where working together is key. Balmond is a tough and powerful Fighter hero in Mobile Legends who completely changes how teams need to play.

Let’s talk about some killer team strategies with Balmond. We’ll talk about his part in the team, how he works with his teammates, and how they work together. If you know these techniques, you’ll be able to get the most out of Balmond and help your team win. Start the game’s adventure!

Balmond Role on the Team

When it comes to Mobile Legends, Balmond is a very useful Fighter. Balmond is the team’s go-to person for starting fights and taking damage like a boss. He can start fights off with strong strikes, and his strength and toughness make him a good tank. What is his main job? Make the way clear for your friends by putting pressure on enemies, getting their attention, and opening up chances to do a lot of damage. To make the most of Balmond’s role in fight, the team needs to communicate and work together well.

Coordination Tactics to Amp Up Balmond’s Game

To get the most out of Balmond’s job as a coordinator, try these strategies:

Starting a fight: Balmond is great at starting a fight. His job is to start the battle by striking first and getting their attention. He is very important to the team because he creates chances for them to attack and kill the enemy.

It’s important to give him a strong build so that he can last and fight. Items like the Bloodlust Axe, the Blade of Despair, and the Oracle will help him stay alive longer and do a lot of damage. Coordination is very important in klik88slot. Balmond needs to talk to his team to make sure they’re ready to follow his lead and attack the chosen enemy.

Guardian for Marksman Making Balmond the Marksman’s bodyguard is another good plan. Marksman are often the first thing enemies go after because they do a lot of damage but are easy to hit. Balmond can protect the Marksman by striking enemies who are trying to get close.

Use things like the Oracle, the Thunder Belt, and the Brute Force Breastplate to make him stronger. Because he is strong against strikes and can knock out enemies, he can protect the Marksman and let them do as much damage as possible.

Coordination Tactics: Version 2

Sneak past the enemy lines Balmond can also sneak into a room by using his quick movement and powerful weapons. He looks for ways to get behind enemy lines and attack the Marksman or Mage in the back row with this plan.

To do a lot of damage to enemies, you need items like Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, and Berserker’s Fury. He should work with the team to make sure they’re also fighting from the front, which will distract the enemy and give the team an edge in battle.

Distraction for Attention For Balmond is a tough hero, he can use his strength to draw enemies’ attention away from other team members. In this plan, enemies will focus on him, which will give his friends a chance to kill enemies while he is distracted.

He needs a strong build to last and heal himself, like the Bloodlust Axe, Haas’s Claws, and Brute Force Breastplate. Talking to the team is important to make sure they are ready to use this distraction to launch their attacks successfully.


Balmond in Mobile Legends can be a valuable asset in effective team strategies. Whether he’s initiating battles, acting as a bodyguard, infiltrating enemy lines, or diverting attention, he can contribute significantly to securing team victories.

Players need to understand the role and strategies that align with their playstyle. With good communication and the right item choices, Balmond can become an unstoppable force in team battles. So, try out these effective team strategies with this hero and aim for glorious victories in Mobile Legends!